Hungry AI’s Replace Jobs 


Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking in a store and you have a question for the clerk. You tap on their shoulder and when they turn around their face is robotic looking, and you realize you are about to talk to an AI. You almost feel like you’re in a future realm. Well this could be the reality, AIs are on their way to take over our jobs and some AIs have already replaced human jobs.

AIs are already part of our life. The first time you saw a self-checkout aisle at the store did you think of an AI? Well, that is just the start of the job takeover by the AIs. It has been predicted that as many as 8 million jobs will be taken over by AIs worldwide by 2030. Will this be you or are lucky enough not to have to find a new field?

 What is artificial intelligence? AI is the result of engineering and science creating smart machines. First, there was rule-based AIs, where the robot was given a set of rules to fallow for a specific task.

Now there are also, AIs that continually learn from the data they collect, and that is the machine learning robots. Machine learning robots can be dangerous. The more data Machine learning robots are given the more they learn, and in turn, these AIs will take over more jobs that humans originally did. 

Artificial intelligence has been around for longer then most people think. The thought of AI has been around since ancient times. The actual field of artificial intelligence was officially founded at a conference at Dartmouth College surprisingly not till 1956.

Everybody has had interactions with some sort of AI like; 

  1. Self-checkout
  2. Self-ordering at a restaurant
  3. Customer service representative on the phone

Yeah, it is great having those convinces. You probably do not think much about the interactions you have with the smart machines, but people used to do those jobs. The more scientists push for AI funding the more jobs AIs will take over.

Is this for the better or worse? A big fear many people have is that their job could be replaced by AIs. Haven’t humans already delt jobs being replaced by some sort of technology? Yes, we have gone through this before, machines taking jobs.

The difference with this is how rapidly people are expecting robots to take human jobs. The danger in this is, it doesn’t give people time to learn a new skill to have a job down the road. The AIs will take most jobs that don’t require upper education, that are repetitive and on the less creative side will disappear quicker than others.

A career that is expected to be taken over by 2027 by robots is truck driving. Like many other jobs that AIs will take over, truck driving is a job that people who don’t go to school can do. They can also make a decent living and stay out of poverty.

Are we really going to let AIs replace jobs and possible ruin many people’s lives? I can’t imagine how devastating that is for billions of families.


Other jobs that will be affected are:

  1. Telemarketing 
  2. Server
  3. Greeter
  4. Kitchen staff
  5. Drivers
  6. Receptionists
  7. Bookkeepers
  8. Retail salespersons
  9. Factories


It’s not only the customer service jobs that are in jeopardy due to AIs taking jobs. Some professional jobs are in danger as well, like, accountants, Drs, and lawyers.


Exactly How Many Jobs is AI Replacing?

An article on Fortune stated that “40% of jobs in the world will be replaced by robots within the next 15 years.” Some people speculate that more jobs will open in the AI industry, but others say that’s BS.

If the AIs job take over is primarily the repetitive jobs, then why wouldn’t an AI help to make the other AIs. I don’t see more job opening due to more AIs needing to be made. This is a huge job loss that should worry people. 

Many people will have to learn a new trait, or somehow get an education when they don’t have a way to pay for it. One would hope that the government would help out and try to figure out a new route for people who lost their jobs.

Or, is it just going to be more people in poverty and using the government’s benefits? Sadly, I have not heard of anything that the government is doing to prepare the US citizens for this; however, there still is time for the government to figure some things out.

On the Flipside, AIs Could be Great!

While many people fear their job could be taken away and they wouldn’t be able to find a new one, Forbes has an interesting point. That is, having robots take over certain jobs it will eliminate some of the mistake’s humans do, making the process go smoother and quicker.

This would help humans not work as many hours during the week. In turn, it would give people more free time to do what they want and start enjoying life more. The article also speculated that expenses would go down. Having AIs work will be cheaper to make products, however; people’s income would also drop.

Hopefully, as outcome companies would drop their prices. Sadly, if companies want to be greedy, they could keep their prices high until enough people can’t buy their products. 

Will people be ok with making less and would everything end up balancing out? Theirs’s already enough hard-working people with professional jobs who are barely making it by because of the cost of living.

Now, most households need both people working if you want to be able to do things you enjoy. It is hard for me to believe that things would balance out. That doesn’t even consider all the people who lost their jobs due to AIs taking their job.


A Point that Makes Sense

AIs will make things safer. I understand the need to make sure the public is safer. Having AIs drive will cut down auto accidents. I think that’s great and if the self-driving cars are that good then we should have them.

However, the people who are losing their job should be given the option to go through a program that helps them gain skills that will not be taken over by AIs.


AI’s Are Taking my Job and Industry!

You have worked in customer service your whole life because you can make a decent living off it, but now that industry is gone. What should you do? I would start learning a new skill that AIs will not take over.

Then, when AIs do take over industries you will already be out of the industry or you will have other skills. The jobs that are less likely to be taken over by AIs are ones that are less predictable and more creative. Some of those jobs would be: 

  1. Management
  2. Graphic design
  3. Writers
  4. Event planners
  5. Hairdresser
  6. Maintenance foremen
  7. Therapist and socials workers
  8. Teacher
  9. Caretakers


Future Generation with AIs in the Workplace

Instead of having your first job be in customer service chances are the younger generations first job will be in their career. The days where fast food is run by humans will end. Children need to be prepared to have skills coming out of high school if they don’t plan on going to school, or should the government implement a trade school option for Juniors and Seniors in high school? 

The parents need to start encouraging kids to not be lazy and figure what they like and how that can be applied to a non-AI career, computer science is never a bad option.

What is sad is that there will always be lazy people who will only do what they need to get by. What will happen to those people? More homeless people or more people on state benefits? 

Something needs to be done so people don’t lose their career because scientists want to create a machine so smart that it takes over people’s lives. People will lose their source of income, because of the AIs taking over and will we have another rust belt on our hands?

Yes, there are some positives to AIs doing some jobs but to what extent will it end?