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The Best Resort for You | Watch Travel Influencers


What is the perfect resort for you? Is it hitting the lap of luxury, saving up to spend a few days of extravagant decadence in a way that you can’t imagine in day to day life, or is it mellow, relaxed, with inexpensive drinks under an umbrella on a nice beach?

Whatever your vision of a heavenly resort, there’s no question that options abound. What qualifies as the best resort might even vary simply based on your mood at any given moment.

Whatever the taste, there’s little doubt that the word, picture, or mention of the right influencer can have a dramatic effect on the resort or even the entire area. After all, it wasn’t really that long ago when Cabo San Lucas was just a really sleeping Mexican fishing village on the Baja Peninsula – not a favorite resort town retreat for the wealthy and famous.


Travel YouTubers

Any resort wanting to really bring in international attention needs to get the attention of travel-based YouTube influencers. While this also works for Instagram and other social media networks, travel vlogging has taken off like no one’s business and getting the attention of an influencer like Christian who runs the Lost LeBlanc YouTube channel and has over one million subscribers hungry for travel tips can lead to a massive boost in both reputation and business. 

This is one area where it can be a general influencer, or the focus can be on a niche travel influencer. Just look at the number of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts focusing on road-tripping in the United States, backpacking Europe, or visiting Thailand, for example. These are all thriving niches that cater to certain areas and would be of benefit to very different styles (and locations) of resorts.

Off-Season Social Media Matters

Even for seasonal resorts like winter ski lodges or summer lake lodges, having an active social media profile in the off-season is crucial to building a reputation, building loyal followers who love to see what happens behind the scenes (yes, even during the off-season) and that helps fuel the build-up into the actual open busy season. 

Social media is a powerful tool for resorts. This is another reason why building positive relationships with influencers is just good business. They are natural ambassadors not only to individuals who might already be customers but also to more potential future customers.

A good glowing review goes a long way. A negative review can be absolutely devastating, especially from an influencer who has an incredibly devout audience.


Different Resorts Need Different Messages

The vibe, message, and culture of a resort is going to be very unique from one location to another. This can be a great thing. A high class private resort in a gated community catering to the wealthy shouldn’t have the same message as a beach resort inviting vacationers from all backgrounds to show up and cut loose on vacation for a while. Each resort needs to figure out their ideal message because there’s where serious outreach potential lies.

For some resorts a Tweet from Kim Kardashian fits in perfectly. For others, that same praise could ironically backfire in spectacular ways. Understanding an ideal audience, an ideal advertising campaign, and how to set up for long-term success is absolutely crucial for those resorts who want to reach their full potential. Crafting the right vibe, the right feel makes a huge difference.


Unlimited Potential

There’s seemingly unlimited potential for smart resorts who understand not only social media but the power of influencers within those spheres. For those willing to work with niche influencers and who know how to identify good partners, even if unconventional (and in some cases especially if they’re unconventional) will end up absolutely thriving.