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The Art Industry is a particularly challenging industry to make a living in especially if you don’t have the right connections or the funds to get your work showcased. 

The modern world we’re living in simply adds to that challenge. Now, you not only need to have a skill that can be monetized, but you also need to work on building a brand that can be marketed by the industry. 

It demands the survival of the fittest, and joining us for this special interview, Zachary Crane, a full-time artist, knows exactly how to succeed in this competitive market and stamp your authority in the industry.

Early Life 

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on the 19th of February 1989, Zachary Crane always had that artistic aspect to his life, although he never imagined making a career out of it. 

In 2013, at the age of 23, Zachary set his first footsteps in the city of Los Angeles, a place that was going to demand the most from him. 

Bright Lights, Big City

Hustling and bustling under the bright lights of LA, Zachary had his first art show in a Chic Japanese Skate Shop situated on Robertson Boulevard. 

The show didn’t live up to his expectations but this gave him time to reflect. Zachary had a month before the show ended so he set out to plan a closing party. 

His persistence got him sponsorships from several liquor brands, but the real press coverage came from Carmen Electra, a Hollywood actress who has starred in movies like Baywatch and the Scary Movie series. Zachary’s stock went up rapidly after that event. 

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

The word “Journey” is a no-show in Zachary Crane’s book. He admits that he has had to overcome quite a few challenges in his career. These challenges have made him more robust mentally and helped him take charge of his life.

Zachary puts it this way, “Lots of clients/collectors that think of me more as an escort than a businessman selling my own work. There was always an awkward fancy dinner I’d have to go on just to get paid. People holding my paycheck over my head and making me perform for it. It’s not that way anymore. I’ve since learned how to set strong boundaries”.

What Sets you Apart from the Rest? 

Zachary wanted to make it clear that he isn’t an influencer rather an in-and-out Artist who just likes to use Instagram as a tool to sell and promote his work to people around the world.

Zachary’s paintings display reality in a funny way and are of particular interest to middle-aged gay men.

Coming from Zachary, “I sell paintings, not ineffective charcoal masks.

That’s what makes me different”.

Does Zachary Crane have any weird quirks? 

Actually yes! This might seem like a far cry from Zachary’s artistic mind, but he says that he’s really good at “Shoplifting”. You heard that one right! Zachary gets great satisfaction when he steals clothes from brand outlets like Forever 21.

No judgments, ok?

Here are some things Zachary likes: 

  • Favorite Restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory
  • Travel Destination: Tulum, Mexico

Who Inspires You to be Persistent in Your Quest for Success? 

Before answering the question, Zachary would like to make it clear that he doesn’t have any agenda or motive behind anything he puts online. He posts content that he would relate to and that he would find interesting if he was an ordinary user on Instagram. 

Zachary idolizes Angelyne, Britney Spears, and Leigh Bowery.

Aha moment?

This might sound counterintuitive but Zachary Crane derives great amusement from Trolls who try to take him down. 

He counts that as his Aha Moment as those who troll him just seem to can’t find any reason or logic as to why they’re so upset by what he posts.

What Would Zachary Do if He had a Time Machine? 

Zachary Crane would like to go back to the sixties and make it mandatory that the Pointy Cone Bra would remain a staple in the fashion industry and never go out of style. 

What is the change you inspire in the world:

Zachary understands that receiving Criticism is a vital part of being an influencer and that even the best of the best will have it.

So, the one big change he would make if he ever got that unique opportunity was to make “getting offended unpopular”.

Zachary’s Advice to his Followers

Zachary is a weird personality, in all the good ways. We asked for some advice and he responded in a rather eccentric but insightful way. 

He has a simple question for all of his followers that he thinks would make them be proud of who they are and learn to accept themselves. Here it is: 

“When you look at your own Instagram, do you get jealous of yourself?”

Brand Collabs and Future Goals

Zachary makes it a point to push hard on the commercial side of things so that he can get his brand known to more people around the world. In the grander scheme of things, he wants to focus on creating high-quality original art that people can afford to buy.

One collab Zachary is proud of is ICEE, the American Beverage Company, a brand well-known for its carbonated slushes. 

Picture of Zachary Crane's Collab with ICEE

He also wants to open a physical store where he would sell essentially useless items that no one would bother spending on.

 Sticking to the Present, For Now…

Now 32, Zachary is extremely proud of the hard work he’s put in. He relishes the highs and lows, the uncertainties, as they act as fuel for his drive. 

He isn’t shy about his unusual personality and agrees wholeheartedly that a lot of people won’t like that side of him but it makes him who he is. However, he’s grateful to the people who have accepted him as he is.

Zachary’s career has been an inspiration for a lot of people around the world. We are extremely grateful to Zachary for taking time out of his busy life and sharing some meaningful words. 

His journey is a testament to all those who want to make a big change in the world, but lack the courage to stand up and take charge.

Don’t forget to check out Zachary’s Artwork on his Instagram Profile

Zachary Crane’s Artwork

Before you go, make sure to check out these Amazing pieces of Art by Zachary Crane!

An Artwork by Zachary Crane

Painting of a Dog by Zachary

A Painting depicting Zachary's memories from Childhood with his Mother