The Hamptons | A Heavenly Escape Next to the Concrete Jungle


Those who live in the New York area or grew up in the North East, are familiar with the Hamptons, or at least have heard about them. So, what are the Hamptons and where are the Hamptons? Why people are talking about them and why is it the most desirable and prestigious place to escape to?


What Are The Hamptons?

The Hamptons is a string of beach towns on southeastern end of Long Island. The Hamptons are most associated with the colloquial towns, such as South Hampton, Bridgehampton, and East Hampton. The Hamptons are known as a summer escape destination for affluent New Yorkers. Million of people are dreaming to spend their summer in the Hamptons. 


Where Are The Hamptons?

The Hamptons are located along the Atlantic Ocean on the southeastern end of Long Island, also known as the South Fork. They are about a hundred miles away from New York City, but they are surprisingly easy to get to. There are trains from New York Penn Stations to Montauk, the end of Long Island. The entire trip takes from two-and-the-half to three hours. Another alternative to get to the Hamptons Long Island is by Hampton Jitney Bus. The ticket cost is slightly higher than the train ticket cost, but the passengers get complimentary bottle of water and a small bag of chips. Many visitors prefer to drive there by car. The wealthiest visitors choose the most convenient transportation, such as a helicopter. 


Things To Do in The Hamptons

The Hamptons are known for their beaches, farms, golf clubs, vineyards and wineries, polo events and luxury house parties.  What makes the Hamptons so popular is it’s rural atmosphere, historic charm  


The Hamptons Vineyards

While the North Fork of Long Island has more than sixty wineries, the South Fork has “big three” wineries with the tasting room. They are also known as the Hamptons Wine Trail: Duck Walk Vineyards in Southampton, Channing Daughters Winery in Bridgehampton, and Wolffer Estate Wine Stand in Sagaponack. 


The Hamptons Beaches

There are so many beautiful beaches in the Hamptons in every town, but here are the best:

  1. Coopers Beach was voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in 2017 in America for its white sand, hulking dunes, and million-dollar mansions views. Umbrellas and chairs are available for rent. 
  2. Main beach in East Hampton is one of the most popular beaches in the Hamptons. There are lifeguards, snack bar, restrooms, and sometimes life music. 
  3. Navy Beach is one of the most popular destinations in Montauk.  It has beautiful views, and very often considered as the best place for the weddings. 
  4. Ditch Plains Beach is the eastern-most beach on Long island, and the favorite place for surfers. 


The Hamptons Houses

Beyond its beautiful beaches, The Hamptons is also famous for its gorgeously expensive real estate. Most of them are hidden from the crowd eye, but East End properties are the most breathtaking.  Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Rachael Ray, Gwyneth Paltrow, Howard Stern, Kelly Ripa, Calvin Klein, Steven Spielberg are just a few of the many celebrities who own property in the Hamptons. The most expensive $150 million house in the Hamptons is currently on the market

If you don’t have millions of dollars to purchase the house in the Hamptons, but you still can enjoy staying in the house with your friends and family members by renting it. 


The Hamptons in The Movies

The Hamptons always had been the favorite location shooting for the film or television shows.  In shows like “Seinfeld” and “Sex and the City”, the characters went to the Hamptons for their vacations.  HBO’s “Girls”, a main character spends a weekend in Montauk. Showtime’s “The Affair” filmed some scenes in Montauk. And “Royal Pains” makes the references to the Hamptons throughout all eight seasons.  “Something Gotta give” movie was filmed in the Hamptons. 


Restaurants in the Hamptons

Every summer a bunch of new restaurants and café are opening in the Hamptons. There is even a Michelin-starred opening for the first time. But here are the list of the most famous and all favorite places of all times. 

  1. Dureya’s, The classic lobster snack is one of the most poplar spots in Montauk. This is a cash only place and bring your own drink policy.
  2. Bostwick’s Chowder House.  Another favorite by many locals and visitors. Be ready to wait in the long line to be seated. 
  3. East Hampton Grill. One of the best and most consistent restaurants in the Hamptons.  The décor is beautiful, service is impeccable, the food is delicious. 
  4. Lunch (The Lobster Roll). This restaurant is themed under the beach and there is a garden seating under a canopy of plants. Best lobster rolls in the Hamptons. “The Affair” was filmed here. 
  5. Baron’s Cove. The restaurant and the bar in a very cool boutique hotel in Sag Harbor. Open year round. 

Not surprisingly, the Hamptons are considered one of the top destinations in the United States. It has it all, beautiful beaches, delicious food, expensive houses, nightlife, and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables and ocean-caught seafood. What else to wish for?