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The Legendary New York Food You Must Try

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Visiting New York City and taking in all it offers can be an amazing experience. Along with the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, skyscrapers and the yellow cabs, New York food is the essential component of the New York experience.

What is the first, the biggest food you have to try when you come to New York City?


New York Pizza 

You probably heard from many people that “the best pizza in New York City”.  What makes New York pizza the best?

There are many theories about that. But one of them says, it’s the ovens. Food Republic says New York pizza uses decade-old deck ovens that cook at extremely high temperatures. The oven absorbs the decades’ worth cheese and sauce vapor into its walls and passes it on a new pizza that cooked. 

When you are in New York, try dollar slice pizza. It is one of the cheapest and most delicious New York food for one dollar or less.  With so many options, it’s hard to say where is the best pizza in NYC.

You can find dollar slice pizza almost everywhere, but the most famous is at local chains 2 Bros Pizza or 99¢ Fresh Pizza.


New York Bagels

New York bagels are soft and chewy. What makes a New York bagel so much better than any other bagel? Some people believe that it’s New York water.  Water chemistry indeed influences the baking process.

New York has very soft water; it has a low concentration of calcium and magnesium. For example, the concentration of calcium carbonate in New York water is only 19 milligrams per liter.

By comparison, in San Francisco the concentration is 55 milligrams per liter, in Washington DC it’s 136, 149 in Chicago, and over 200 in parts of Los Angeles.  Extremely hard water can slow down the fermentation process of yeast and cause a tightening of baked goods. 

Our top recommendation to try New York bagel is a place called Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co.  The cream cheese variety includes 23 flavors. 

Another bagel place must-go-to is The Bagel Store. It is the place where the rainbow bagel was invented. 

If you like a classic bagel, try one of the city’s best bagels and traditional toppings at Russ & Daughters, a family-operated 105-year-old appetizing store. 


Dim Sum or Dumplings

When it comes to the best food in New York, DIm Sum is definitely on the list. Chinatown is the number one place to try Dim Sum. But you don’t need to stick to one borough to try the best dumplings in NYC.

The reason New York has the best dumplings is that of its wide and diverse Chinese community. There are so many kinds of dumplings that there isn’t just one word to describe them all: boiled, steamed, and fried with all kinds of fillings.

It is hard to recommend a place where to try dim sum dumplings in New York because they are all good regardless of the price. The plate of six pork and chive dumplings will run you about $3 at Shu Jiao Fu Zhou

Another place you should try is called Chinese Tuxedo on 5 Doyers Street.  The two-story former opera house is staged with dimmed lighting and a certain old-world ambiance.

Doyers street used to be known as “The Bloody Angle”, the deadliest street in American history. The Chinese Theater, also known as the Chinese Opera House, served the Chinese-American community by providing a cultural center to congregate. 

But it is also known for a violent past as it was the site of a famous massacre involving two rival Chinese gangs. Today, the theater is converted into a fancy restaurant Chinese Tuxedo.  


New York Deli Sandwiches

Just like with pizza, every New Yorker has his preference which deli is the best, but you should try New York famous food is the pastrami sandwiches.  

Where to try: Katz’s Delicatessen 

Katz’s Delicatessen is the most legendary place in the city. It’s been open since 1888 and has the most expensive pastrami sandwiches in New York City. 

You are probably familiar with this place from many movies. According to this article from Business Insider Katz’s nostalgic settings have been the backdrop for countless movies and TV Shows. The most famous of which is Meg Ryan’s iconic scene in “When Harry Met Sally.”

“I’ll have what she is having” is the phrase everyone is saying when in Katz’s.  @rachmartino, the Instagram influencer, is not an exception. She is having the most iconic sandwich of all times, pastrami on the rye. 

Sarge’s Delicatessen

Sarge’s Delicatessen is the only Jewish deli open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you feel hungry at two am, this is the place to go. This place is also known for the biggest sandwiches in New York City.

This article in Timeout says, “It is indeed a towering stack of corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, turkey, salami, tomato, lettuce, coleslaw, and Russian dressing.”


New York Hot Dog

If you go to New York, you have to try the hot dogs. Unlike the typical topped with ketchup and mustard, the New York Hot Dog is topped with sauerkraut, onions sauteed with tomato paste and spicy brown mustard.

Number one place to try is Nathan’s Famous, a historical joint, satisfying people for over the century. Nathan is a New York institution and its worth some social media pictures.

Almost every influencer who comes in New York has a picture taken with the Nathan Famous on the background. @ambrabgutierezz did an incredible job on her picture. 

New York-Style Pretzel 

New York Street pretzel is one of the city’s original street foods. It is usually oversized, over-salted, and gummy.  On a cold day, nothing tastes better than soft and salty pretzel served hot from the street vendor’s cart.

German immigrants brought pretzels to America in the 1770s. Pretzels landed on the cobble-stoned streets of New York in the early 1880s. 


Authentic New York Black-and-White Cookie

Black-and-White Cookie, or half-moon cookie, or half-and-half cookie is associated with New York City. The origin of this cookie is traced to Glazer’s Bake Shop, which was founded by Bavarian immigrants.

If you are in New York, you can find a black-and-white cookie almost in every grocery store. But the best and most delicious cookies are sold at Gazer’s Bake Shop, Amy’s bakery, and Ruthy Bakery. 

New York is known as the melting pot. It means that you can eat your way across the globe within one city, taking in some iconic dishes along the way.