The Type of Poison You Want | Ashley Hernandez @xolilpoison


Ashley Hernandez, better known as @xolilpoison on Instagram, was born and raised in Miami, FL on January 24, 1997. Her niche on Instagram is in fitness and she is currently a Miami Marlins Dancer.

Talking about her hometown Miami, Ashley says “It is so beautiful and diverse”. She tells us that she would love to live in a high-rise one day overlooking the ocean.

She remembers always being in love with dance, however, she never had the finances to pay for classes. Growing up, she decided not to go to parties very often and instead she decided to dedicate that time to training and watching youtube videos.

Finally, she reached the courage to apply for the dance team at her high school and was a dancer there for the next four years.

Her love for dancing didn’t stop there, when she graduated she decided to pursue her passion and tryout for both the Marlins and the Heat. She first got the position for Miami Heat and later become a dancer for the Miami Dolphins.

More recently she has become an independent contractor and currently arranges her own music videos, business trips, concerts with many artists and promotional work.

Ashley believes in hard work and makes sure to push herself harder and harder every day to become the best version of herself while pouring her soul into her passion for dance.

While she was telling us her story, we couldn’t ignore the fact that no one’s success is an easy task, so we asked her about her difficulties and obstacles along the way.

She told us that at first glance, the dance industry may look easy and extremely fun to some, but once you know what it takes to be the best of the best you realize it’s extremely cutthroat.

Being a self-taught dancer was one of the things she had to learn to take pride in and use it to her advantage. 

She knew how much it took to be self-motivated and really go after what she wanted. She told us that she spent hours on hours and days on end researching on the web and on YouTube how to better her craft on her own. 

They say hard work always triumphs over someone who is only talented. I learned that myself.

After years of self-training, she learned that mental fortitude to surpass any situation was necessary.  “If I wanted to learn a new move I wouldn’t leave my room until I had it down packed,” she told us. Eventually, all her hard work paid off and she’s now in an abundance of opportunities!

She sees herself in 10 years, being highly influential to people who want to learn more about how to train themselves to be mentally AND physically strong.

Owning her own fitness company is a big aspiration of hers. She also enjoys teaching people about spirituality.

One thing not everyone knows about Ashley and that she confessed during the interview is that she has a twin brother.

She is really proud to have collaborated with The Heat and when asked what brands she would like to collaborate with in the future, she said she would like to work with any organization related to mental health since she describes herself as a huge advocator on the matter.

Finally, we asked her if she had the opportunity to give advice to her followers, what would it be? to which she replied,

A piece of advice I could give to anyone with a listening ear is to really take the time to learn about yourself. Everyone talks about being their authentic self but have yet to realize we’ve been socially constructed to act, think and feel a certain way. Once you break those self limiting barriers you’ll find life is all about getting connected to who you truly are and what your purpose is in this lifetime.

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