The untold story of Grace Morisho | @gracemorisho


Today we have the honor of sharing with you the untold story of the Notorious Grace Morisho or as many would know her as @gracemorisho on Instagram. As someone who resides in Houston Texas, Morisho is required to be unique, entertaining, and fashionable, and as most of you can tell, she clearly delivers!

Grace took us on a journey into her past upon how she became the icon she is today, and we’re taking you along for the ride!

Grace was originally born in Congo, Kinshasa with her parents being very conservative which limited her artistic ability. It was hard for her to express herself in the modelic fashionable way you all know her for today. 

She started promoting others and not herself on Instagram in her middle school year due to her parents being very disciplined and strict, however she managed to overcome that limitation when she had her daughter in 2010. Throughout the beginning of her career she battled all kinds of criticism from followers for not posting explicit content like everyone else, but she made a stand making it very clear to her real followers that she wasn’t that type of person and won’t change who she is for fame.

Grace Morisho, birth of an icon

 At the time when Morisho had her daughter, she decided that instead of juggling work and being a devout mom, she would just focus everything on raising her daughter as a full time mom. This is when everything fell into place because she started focusing on building herself as a brand and online presence. Morisho saw this as the perfect opportunity, she could be there to watch her daughter grow up all while influencing the fashion world today.

As we mentioned earlier, her career on Instagram started with promoting others rather than herself, and this changed when she became a mom because she realized she had the business skills and fashion sense and all she had to do was utilize the two into promoting herself like she did for others. Although her path getting where she is today was rough due to criticism, she still pushes forward and strives for greater.

What can we expect from Grace Morisho?

Grace has worked with @Fashionnova, @flattummyco, @manscaped, @leggingstore.uba, @ohpolly, @amcclips_studio, @ashaskloset, @mgdeluxeboutique, @ofracosmetics, @lookvineofficial, @laseraway and many more modernized brands that we know today. Morisho said that she isn’t where she wants to be, but she is getting there. Grace says Houston is nice because it’s very family friendly and slow, but in order to further succeed as an influencer she would like to move to California or New York because those are the places for that. She is eager to try and collaborate with the infamous Fenty brand by Rihanna, so we should keep an eye out for future projects. She tells us “I’m very divergent from other people because I’m a very eager individual. I always go for what I desire and I never give up until I obtain it.10 years from now, I’m extrapolating favorable outcomes.”


It is clear that Morisho will chase her aspirations no matter the struggle and as always we should be expecting new and bigger things from her!   


When we asked Grace what’s one thing she would like to say to her followers, she said If I had to tell my followers one thing it’s that, never give up on anything because when they tell you that you can be whatever you want, it’s not a lie, and it’s not easy but hunneyyy… it’s never easy. Persistence is the key to success. I’m telling you this because I’ve been through enough. Learn how to put a stop sign to your struggles. Never ask why but ask how. How can I better myself, how can I solve this?” 


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