Underrated Photographic Spots for Your Next Photoshoot


Some views are just so spectacular that no matter how many times the picture pops up worldwide as a screensaver, the background to inspirational Facebook & Instagram picture quotes, or in picture searches across the web, that they remain popular. Think of the famous shot of Banff National Park in Canada or the many incredible pictures of rock formations of fjords in the country of Norway. However, even most great places don’t have the effect they once did. The Eiffel Tower and Pyramids are amazing in person, but there’s no new photos to be taken in these locations, either.


Finding those new photographs, the amazing ones that others haven’t covered so many times before, is crucial whether an amateur photographer, an Instagram or Pinterest influencer, or traveler writer to be able to find those special amazing spots that create outstanding photographs. The more underrated or under covered by current photographers, the better.



There are many amazing places to visit in South America, some heavily explored and some not. The country of Bolivia as a whole is one of those places not nearly enough people visit. Featuring incredible lake shots, stunning mountains, and one of a kind salt plains, Bolivia is a nation that has no shortage of truly outstanding photogenic options. Even the few pictures abounding of this safe and beautiful nation just leave online visitors wanting even more.



Think there are no hidden gems left in Europe? Think again! As Rick Steves’ YouTube video on undiscovered Europe showed with Slovenia, this might be the least visited nation in Europe but it has many of the truly outstanding features that make Croatia, Serbia, Greece, and other coastal European areas so popular. Beautiful castles, forests, and even beaches abound. Yet because there are so few visitors and so few people even know of this nation (or can locate it on a map), there are very few pictures that exist of this truly incredible hidden gem.


Jujuy Province, Argentina

Patagonia is amazing, but Patagonia is also absolutely huge. Argentina has plenty of picturesque sights to offer both inside and out of the city and that includes Jujuy Province. This section of northwest Argentina is a little known World Heritage Site with incredible shots of long sloping mountains and colorful rock scenes covering entire sides of hills or mountains. 


Tbilisi, Georgia

This capital city in the former Soviet Republic is incredible with scenic buildings featuring old school architecture and design, a vibrant culture working to re-establish their traditions, and this offers some really unusual city photo opportunities that will definitely be unique and make your photo collection stick out.


Tohoku, Japan

Most people who think of big cities and technological innovation when it comes to Japan. While this is accurate, many people don’t know there are many regions, especially in the north, where there are amazing forests and mountains. Tohoku, Japan is one such area where the natural pictures are breathtaking and Tohoku doesn’t require hours of flights or train rides to get there. This area is located just north of the Tokyo area.



This is an outstanding location for travelers and photographers alike. A safe place to visit, this unique part of Africa features many animals found nowhere else on Earth, amazing ecosystems, and colorful vibrant cities. This includes very different looking trees as well as interaction with the intelligent and ever-curious lemurs.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Southeast Asia is seen as an absolute gem among travelers and photographers, and there is good reason for that point of view. Cambodia is one of the most overlooked spots in this area. It may not have the political excitement of Myanmar opening its borders, the fame of Thailand, or the advanced picturesque views of Vietnam, but Cambodia has plenty to offer and is far cheaper than any of those other options.


Any of these underrated areas can help an Instagram or Pinterest account completely explode.