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📅 [July 19, 2021]


Happy Monday, folks! Did you know: William Wrigley, founder of Wrigley’s Gum is the inventor of direct mail marketing. In 1915, he mailed a pack of gum to every person in the phone directory in the United States. That’s dedication!

In this week’s issue:

  • Poor Social Media Engagement? This Just Might Be Your Saving Grace.
  • The Future of SEO: Why Embracing UI/UX is The Need of The Hour
  • Protect Yourself Against Click Fraud
  • Marketers: This is How You Save Time And Convert More Clients
  • New Tech Is Making It Easier For Marketers to Build a Cash Cow Email List

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📱 Social Media

Poor Social Media Engagement? This Just Might Be Your Saving Grace.

Poor Social Media Engagement

The landscape of social media marketing has changed mightily in the last year.

But we don’t have to tell you that. Anyone with an Instagram page can see the cold harsh reality for themselves.

Large accounts that once had insane reach are now only reaching a small percentage of their overall audience. 

And if you don’t keep up with these changes one thing is inevitable – you will be left behind.

So how do you interact with their audience, get higher reach, and monetize your audience?

Inc.com recently posted an article with their answer: Niche down by using niche social media platforms.

According to them, the reason this works is because of the shift in consumer habits to smaller communities that laser focus their interests.

They recommend using smaller platforms that hone in on key audience areas. In essence, go where your customers are instead of expecting them to find you.

Learn more on how niche platforms can help you laser target your audiences.

Here’s What We Think: Facebook’s recent advertising definitely supports the idea that small niche communities are where the engagement magic happens. You can clearly see this from their billboard and tv commercial ads surrounding FB groups. We recommend trying both: small platforms on big groups and smaller social media platforms. Test to see what the results are, and then scale up.



The Future of SEO: Why Embracing UI/UX is The Need of The Hour

Why Embracing UI/UX is The Need of The Hour

Business owners put so much effort into creating great products that serve their customers.

Unfortunately, many of them are having issues with website sales: Their stock isn’t moving because customers continue to bounce from their site prematurely.

More often than not, the failure to complete the customer journey map is because the website isn’t optimized for the best user experience.

Your website needs to be able to attract and retain attention, funneling your customer and ultimately selling a product.

Our community member, Zane, tells all in Furlough’s featured blog post:

  • Elements which can disrupt a good user experience.
  • Actionable steps you can take to ensure your website takes care of your visitors.
  • The impact of UI/UX on your website.

Read the Furlough exclusive here


📈 Remarketing

New Tech Is Making It Easier For Marketers to Build a Cash Cow Email List

New Tech Is Making It Easier For Marketers to Build a Cash Cow Email List

If you are a marketer using email, this is information that you need to know. 

Marketers are looking for new ways to build email lists that convert to sales.

According to a case study, marketers said that they could use help in the following areas of email marketing:

  • Adapt audience targeting based on behavior and lookalike analysis
  • Measure return on investment by channel, campaign, and overall
  • Discover insights into top-performing content and campaigns
  • Create data-driven content

And the #1 need: Recommending highly targeted content to users in real-time.

Companies like rasa.io are helping marketers obtain the solutions they say they crave. The company is helping marketers see “increases in brand awareness, website traffic, engagement and open and click rates”

How? The answer may not be so surprising – Artificial Intelligence.

Paul Roetzer, CEO and Founder of Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, believes in the power of AI. “In the background at all times, the machine is learning….” And through this continuous learning, optimizing your email marketing to yield higher returns on investment.

How much can AI support your email marketing?

Learn more about how companies like rasa.io are helping email marketers build highly profitable campaigns here.


💰 Paid Advertising

Protect Yourself Against Click Fraud

Have you come across this scenario?

You’ve invested time and energy into perfecting a winning ad campaign, alongside optimizing your landing pages to inspire action from your customers.

You expected to see purchases rolling in once the ad went live, but instead, people are clicking your ads over and over again without converting on a sale.

If this sounds familiar you may be suffering from click fraud.

According to Click Guardian, it was estimated that around $7.2 billion dollars was lost to click fraud in 2016 alone. 

Click fraud negatively impacts marketers and businesses in the following ways

  • Marketers rely on accurate data to validate their services. Click fraud manipulates your analytics.
  • Fake traffic ruins your audience engagement.
  • It wastes your advertising budget.

The best solution is to take action and protect yourself. Get started with 5 powerful ways to prevent click fraud. 


🤩 Spotlight

Marketers: This Is How You Save Time And Convert More Clients

This Is How You Save Time And Convert More Clients

Calling all marketers!

We have a little insider secret that will help you impress and convert potential clients.

Built With is a free tool that analyzes and reveals exactly which software websites are built with.

This is game-changing technology that allows you to get to know your prospects before you pitch to them.

You’re more likely to convert these clients if they can validate bringing on your services.

Potential clients won’t convert on services they already have, so inevitably, Built With will save you a lot of time and effort that gets put into pitching clients.

Try Built With now and remember to bookmark it for later!


🤳 Round-Up

round-up of furlough weekly

  • Crypto Tweets: What it’s like opening up your Binance account
  • Brainteaser: What can be driven although it doesn’t have wheels, sliced but stays whole? The answer is...
  • Copywriting: Here are 5 free tools to help you write copy with ease this week
  • Space Travel: Richard Branson answered nay-sayers that criticised him for “wasting” his billions on space travel by telling them exactly what he thinks

Until next time, when we are back with more content to take your digital marketing “to the moon.”

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