Using Music to Spread Love and Positivity. Meet the Dynamic Singer-Songwriter Twins Julian & Jovani Jara // @99goonsquad


 Singer Twins Julian & Jovani Jara | @99goonsquad

In this interview, we introduce you to the twin brothers Julian and Jovani Jara. They were born on July 20th 1999 in Boynton Beach, Florida. Their tight bond is reflected best when the Dynamic Duo is on stage do best; Music. Both brothers are excellent at Writing Songs, Composing them and even Producing them for release. That’s a showstopper right there! This All-in-One skillset is especially useful in this Modern Age of Music where we’re seeing an influx of what are called “Bedroom Producers”. However, Julian and Jovani are more than that.

Here are some interesting facts about the dynamic duo:
– Their Favorite Travel Destination is “Iceland
– Their Favorite Book is “Looking for Alaska,”
– Their Favorite Restaurant is Moes.

Here’s the story of @99goonsquad. 

The Brothers at a Neighborhood Halloween Party

99goonsquad Name

The name “Goonsquad” came from their neighbor who would say “goonsquad rolling up” every time he saw them walking home from school. Around the age of 16 & 17, when they started getting into Music, they started their YouTube channel and uploaded their first video on January 25th, 2015. To this date, that first video has over 75k views.

What Makes Them Special

Julian & Jovani say, “what makes them different from other influencers is that they are twins who write, sing, and produce”. A special thing they are good at is making peoples’ days! They always love cheering up anyone who is having a bad day. Their saying is “it’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad day!”

Picture of the brothers promoting their song

What their Day to Day Looks Like

On a day-to-day basis, Julian and Jovani work professionally as Musicians.  Their long-term goal is touring and performing at festivals.

The brothers idolize Skrillex. He has been a huge inspiration for what they do. Their aha moment was when they watched a live stream of Skrillex performing at Ultra 2015.

Challenges in their Journey

The biggest challenge the Twins have faced is working hand in hand with Managers. They had a hard time working with an old manager and things went so bad that they had to start all over again from scratch.

Image of the brothers reflecting on their Journey

Change to Inspire in the World

Julian and Jovani say that if they had a time machine, one thing they would go back and change is staying consistent with everything.

They know that as influencers, they serve as an example for other people. To the question of what is the change they would like to inspire in the world, they simply said they would like to inspire the world by spreading love and positivity.

Image of Collaboration with another Brand


Julian and Jovany have worked for diverse companies. The one company that imbues fond memories in them is Universal Studios. According to the dynamic duo, it was a very cool and enriching experience and definitely their favourite. Thanks to working with them, the twins had the chance to go to Universal Studios for free for a year. The company, in particular, they look forward to collaborating with in the future is @Off White.

Life Advice Quote

Their life advice quote is “follow your dreams, we all only live once and it’s never too late!” The brothers remind us to pursue our real passion in life and not give up in the face of adversity even if it takes us time or we think it is too late for it. 

Future Projects

The twins didn’t give us a specific name or date for their projects, but they assure us that they have more music and music videos coming out soon.

If you want to follow Julian and Jovani, be sure to check them out on:

           Instagram: @99goonsquad

           YouTube: 99goonsquad