WhatsApp to Allow Previews for Voice Messages in iPhone Notification Bar

Photo Credit: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new feature for its iPhone users which will allow them to listen to voice messages from their notification bar. While this feature is still it’s in development mode it might be quite convenient for the iPhone users. Right now you can view pictures and videos from the notification and you will soon be able to use it for voice messages. The exact time for the release of this new feature is not provided by you can check out the screenshot shared online.

You can find the picture on the official account of WABetaInfo on Twitter where they share a screenshot of the new feature. It was revealed that this feature is specially designed for iOS users. While the program is still in its development phase and will be available in the near future.

The new technology will bring the preview of a voice message on Whatsapp on your notification. If you check the screenshot shared on the official account you can check that there is a play button on the notification bar using which you do not have to open the app to listen to the voice message.

This new features might be available with some new major update in the future for Whatsapp. The iOS users might be able to get access to the dark mode in Whatsapp which will be available after the major iOS 13 update which is coming in September. The dark mode will only be provided to the iOS users first and then only Android users will be able to get it.

You might have already seen the previews of stickers in the notification bar for WhatsApp. By pressing long on the notification you can see the sticks in their full size.

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