Why Am I Always Tired?


Do you drink tons of coffee everyday? If the answer is yes, you might be having trouble staying awake all day. You’re also probably wondering why you’re always tired and sleepy. In our culture of fast-paced productivity, staying energized all the time can be a challenge.

But why is that? Is it a matter of not having enough motivation? Or are some people just blessed with more energy? Here are some top things that make you tired.

Quantity and Quality of Sleep

There’s a reason why we’re told 8 hours of sleep is essential. And that’s because it’s true. Every human being needs a certain amount of hours to rest and recover. But that’s not all. The quantity of hours is not the only thing that matters. You might be sleeping enough hours, however you still go through the day still being tired and sleepy. The quality of your sleep matters as much.

According to (founded by the National Sleep foundation), you have to find the right balance between quantity and quality in order to fully rest and recharge. Some people have the discipline to sleep the right amount of hours. However, they do not know how to maintain quality.

Some tips from include:

  • Removing all electronic devices from your room before you sleep
  • No caffeine in the afternoon
  • No alcohol before you sleep

In addition, some other quick fixes include:

  • Meditation before you sleep
  • Remove all sources of light in your room before you sleep
  • Remove sources of sound in your room

All these tips are important because of one thing. You need to enter your deepest state of sleep. This requires a reduction of external and internal factors that could affect your sleep. External factors could be sound and light. Internal factors could be caffeine and alcohol.

You want to go through all stages of sleep so that your mind and body can recover. For more information on stages of sleep, click here.


What you eat can give you lots of energy. It can also make you very tired. There are many delicious options to choose from every day, and we eat them without much thinking or planning behind it. Sometimes we get energy from what we eat, but more often than not, we become fatigued. 

This problem usually happens after meals. You might have eaten too much or just enough and you feel what some call a “food coma”. These are feelings of drowsiness and body fatigue. Most people tend to blame this experience on carbs or overeating. This is partly true. 

Food comas are a combination of overeating and eating bad stuff. What are some of the bad stuff you’ve been eating? Here’s a list.

  • Carbs. Refined Carbs. This means white bread, white rice, pasta, and pastries.
  • Sugars. Anything containing processed sugars like white sugar or brown sugar. This includes sodas and candy.
  • Anything with caffeine. Sodas, coffee, tea.

We know that binging on these foods make you fat. But how does eating these foods make you tired? The secret lies with your blood sugar levels. Eating too much refined carbs or sugars lowers your blood sugar levels. And this leads to a sugar crash: something that explains why you feel drowsy after lunch or dinner. 

While there is no easy fix for dealing with blood sugar levels, eating a more balanced meal is still good practice. More protein and fiber, balanced with natural carbs are better. 

Here are some foods and snacks you can munch on to give you energy throughout the day.

  1. Blueberries
  2. Unsalted Almonds
  3. Bananas
  4. Legumes
  5. Avocado

Stress Levels

When we feel stressed, we usually feel irritated or defeated by it. What we don’t realize is how it affects our physical and mental health. Stress can contribute to the feeling of always being tired and sad.

One source of stress is the work-place. Although there is something such as normal amounts of stress your body can handle, overworking can take a physical toll on your body. 

Besides a physical toll, The mental challenge of completing certain tasks can be too hard to let go once you’re finished with work. 

It can be a question of mental health. There might be too many emotional concerns for you to deal with. Your body deals with depression or mental stress by itself.

How to deal with this? Some quick lifestyle changes could help.

  • More sleep
  • Block out all cellular phone usage unless you absolutely need to
  • Plan one entire day every month dedicated to just yourself
  • Schedule a meeting with a close friend at least once a week

Sometimes life is just overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you have to physically exhaust yourself as well. Learn to manage your life when stress gets overwhelming.


When you think of excessive exercising, it may lead to physical exhaustion. If you’ve ever worked out or went to the gym, you know about muscle aches and body pains. Working out is tiring and so constant exercise may seem to be a hassle.

Contrary to popular belief, exercise is actually good at dealing with fatigue. If you exercise regularly at a low-intensity level, your body will feel less tired all the time. According to research, people who do low-intensity exercise over an extended period reported less fatigue during the day. 

The conclusion of the research indicates a correlation between exercise and feeling more energetic, however, it doesn’t suggest the exact reason why. 

If you’re not exercising at all regularly, here are some exercises to get you started

  • 20 minute light jog ( 3 times a week)
  • Skipping
  • Other Aerobic exercises