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Why Trending Diets Fail for Most People


What will be this years or seasons diet trend? There seems to be at least one new diet every year or two. The odd thing is that they always claim they work for everyone and cure-all when they do not. There have been many diets over the years, and some are:

  • Fat Free
  • Protein.
  • Keto
  • Weight watchers
  • Alkaline and acidic diet
  • Jenny Craig
  • Sugar Free  

These diets may work for some, but for how long and how easy is it stay on them while staying in turn with your health goal. I don’t blame you for trying them, I mean how should the average person who wants to be healthy, but doesn’t have the time to research diets know what to do?

What blows my mind is that no one person is the same so why should one diet work amazing for everyone who sticks to it? Here’s the truth, not everybody’s body is going to act the same towards the same food, because were not genetically the same and we grew up in different environments.

My theory encopresis a few things, and there is no list that your can look at to see what you can or cannot eat until you create one. No matter your goal this will work because its one specific diet that fits all. It is also a diet that can be life long, let’s be serious do you really want to risk gaining a few pounds because you decided to eat baked goods on a holiday. Below are the main concepts for my diet theory that fits all:

  1. Whole Foods
  2. Your ancestry/genetics
  3. Your gut health
  4. Whole foods

Most people should include more whole foods into their diet because you gain more nutritional value and cooking your own food adds to the value of the food.

I know everyone is very busy and some people feel like they don’t have the time to make their own food but think about how you feel after eating processed food after words. I Know I start to crave real food after having processed food for two meal. I can’t imagine rarely eating whole foods on a daily basis because of how it would make my body and brain feel.

Our culture is used to getting fast results here are some for eating whole foods from the article,5 Quick Benefits You’ll See By Switching to Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet, from

  1. Better blood sugar
  2. Better digestion
  3. More energy
  4. Less muscle pain 
  5. Satisfaction 

Eating whole foods will make you feel better because your body is getting a lot of nutrients from its natural environment.

  • Your Ancestor and Genetics

Your ancestry and genetics can have a lot to do with how your body processes food. It is what your body is made to have for nutrition and what it is used to. Humans’ digestive systems don’t evolve as fast as our culture does. Some people’s bodies can handle carbs and sugar and others would gain weight like a hippo. 

Finding out where you are from can help give you a general idea of how you should eat and what foods your body will most likely digest best. Don’t forget that we grow and cultivate our food differently now than we did even 50 years ago. This is why I think people are starting to be more sensitive to wheat and not gluten. The wheat is grown taller and thicker than it used to be. If your ancestry says you ate more grains, but you know your body doesn’t like them, there is a reason why, and that brings me to my next point listening to your body.

  •  Your Gut Health

The microbiome is a very fascinating subject but very complicated when talking about the details. It has a lot to do with your gut health; but for now, were going to refer to gut health as the way food makes your stomach feel. When you eat something and you feel it in your gut a few times, you should stop eating that food.

Chances are your body doesn’t work well with something you ate and you having pain, indigestion, feeling nauseous or anything that’s not good feeling is your bodies way of telling you to stop. Listen to your body!

Listening to your body is the most important factor here, you will know when something is bad for you. Adding whole foods only adds to your body feeling good and chances are your body will tell you no to processed foods once you start adding whole foods to your diet.

It can help to know your ancestry, but not knowing will not break theory, its just a bonus. This is a diet that works for all because it is not the same for each person. Why should a diet be the same for every single person when no one person is the same?