Working Out During Your Pregnancy is Amazing for You and Your Baby


Working out while your pregnant has been ok since about 1985 but people are still surprised when pregnant women at all stages of gestation are at the gym. I have a 4.5-year-old and I made sure I did my cardio five days a week. I remember people at the gym being happy that I was there, but also surprised. In my mind I was thinking, just because I’m pregnant and tired doesn’t mean I can’t run. Women used to have to travel cross country while pregnant. 


 The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily or just 150 min a week. I think that’s a good start but there is still room for more. Like most other health subjects its all about listening to your body because it will tell what you need to know. It is easier said than done and I know that from experience. 


Working out while your pregnant can have many benefits for the mother and baby.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of exercising for the mother while pregnant.

  • Makes the delivery and recovery easier 
  •  weight loss, I will touch more on this later.
  •  mental health
  •  aches and pains
  • Keeps your body strong for when your muscles and tendons loosen

Any reason you benefit from working out when you’re not pregnant you can add to this list.


A subject that seems to be less popular is what working out can do for the fetus. There are lifelong related benefits to the fetus if the mother works out during her pregnancy.


  • Turns the lazy gene off, making it less likely to be lazy.
  • Makes baby have less fat when born.
  • Helps heart health 
  • Makes baby be more apt to be healthy


Weight gain is a big thing when it comes to pregnancy. First, I don’t like to listen to the government’s health recommendation because they don’t take into consideration that everyone’s body is built differently. My thought about weight gain is not the same as the governments.


 Most people gain weight whether they should or shouldn’t and sadly it is not up to them. People’s bodies are pre disponed to weather or not their body will gain some or a lot of weight. I worked out five days a week and didn’t overeat, but I still gained 55-60 pounds. I was at a healthy weight and gained more weight than recommended. A better example is this lady I spoke with who had three kids, and she gained the same amount of weight on each. One she worked out and ate healthy, another she only ate healthy and the last she did nothing. 


This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t workout; because, other than weight there are many other factors that make it so you should workout during your pregnancy. If you workout during your pregnancy it should be easier for you to lose the baby weight if you work out regularly, and eating healthy compared to if you didn’t do anything through out your pregnancy.


Now, you know why you should workout, but your already pregnant and maybe think your too late. Nope! You’re never too late start working out you just shouldn’t try and run for 30 min for the first time. You can start at any point of your pregnancy as long as you have a healthy pregnancy. You do need to be more careful and talk with your Dr. about exercising. If anything, make your child the reason to workout to help them be healthy from the start and so you can have more energy when the baby is here after you start getting sleep. You will always have excuses not to workout don’t make this one of them.


If you are a healthy woman throughout your pregnancy, there is no reason why you shouldn’t workout. It is good for you and even better for you baby in ways we couldn’t have thought possible 50 years ago. Only 25 years ago people didn’t think it was healthy to work out during a pregnancy and treated it more as if it was an illness. The best thing is that you can start working out throughout any part of your pregnancy. You have no excuses now, and find something to do you enjoy like:


  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Weightlifting
  • Biking
  • Running/walking
  • Piyo
  • Barre


The list could go on but there is something out there for you.