Worldwide Vacation Destinations the Masses Get Right


There are many places around the world that are known as being “tourist traps” because of the sheer number of visitors that visit the area. While this can sometimes be an appropriate moniker and one that makes a place less appealing to visit, there are times where the popular place is too good not to visit no matter how busy. The following are some of the best hot spots in the world.



Southeast Asia has long been considered an absolute jewel of a travel spot. Inexpensive delicious food, incredible natural scenery, stunning historical sites, friendly people, and one of a kind experiences all wrapped in an area that is far less expensive than the few other places in the world that can offer so much in one place. Even among all the nations in Southeast Asia, Thailand sticks out as being the crown jewel of them all!

Thriving cities with modern amenities, some of the most stunning beaches & islands in the world, a backpacking paradise, and unique experiences hard to find anywhere else with historical sites that are beyond beautiful and stunning. Few nations have more traveling Instagram and YouTube channels dedicated to only the one nation, but they thrive in abundance.

Check out popular YouTube influencer and travel vlogger Lost LeBlanc’s multiple videos on Thailand to get a little pre-trip excitement.

Top Spots:

– Bangkok

– Phuket

– Chiang Mai

– Ko Samui

Las Vegas, US.

While Vegas has a well-deserved reputation for gambling, nightlife, and adult pleasures, “Sin City” as it is known has so much more to offer. One of a kind world buffets, amazing street performers throughout the Downtown, and a location that makes day trips to incredible desert hiking trails, unique abandoned graffiti parks, and even the famous Hoover Dam. 

Whether on the Strip, enjoying downtown Fremont Street, hitting another section of the city, or experiencing the many amazing places around the city, a trip to Vegas has plenty to offer everyone no matter what your interests are. When in doubt, find a nice outdoor spot by Margaritaville or by the Venetian Fountain and people watch on the Strip. This is time well spent!

If you want a close up look at what the city has to offer then take a look at Jacob’s Life in Vegas YouTube channel for a channel that isn’t only blowing up but also really gives an amazing variety of ways to look at the city.

Hawaii, US.

Honeymoon destination, surfer’s paradise, one of the most highly visited tourist spots in the United States, there’s a lot to love about what Hawaii has to offer. The Big Island, home to Honolulu, is the most popular spot and for good reason. Stunning resorts, amazing beaches, a special culture and a tropical beauty that is hard to find anywhere. Hawaii’s unique ecosystem means incredibly hikes and beautiful picturesque scenes that are hard to match.

Hawaii is worth the visit.

Cancun, MX.

Cancun is one of the finest resort cities in all of North America, and there’s a reason they’ve been known as a top destination when visiting Mexico for nearly 50 years. While this city is a bit more of the traditional resort city done really well, the hidden gem off its coast is Isla Mujeres which you can reach via water taxi.

Great for a day visit or to mix the relaxed, laid back beautiful island vibe to compliment (or contrast) with Cancun’s high luxury hustle and bustle, the two compliment each other beautifully and make for a really interesting combo destination that has gained a lot of attention in recent years. Who says there was nothing left to discover in Cancun?

These destination are incredible and should be on every traveler’s bucket list whether looking at a normal vacation or looking for the next stop to help their travel social media accounts explode.