Xiaomi Testing an Ad Switch Tool in MIUI to Let Users Opt Out of Seeing Ads

Photo Credit: Weibo

Recent studies have shown that Xiaomi court for a lot of flak ads in MIUI, and it has been repetitive, that has been reported and observed after testing the company’s phones. Xiaomi has paid heed to the outrage, to solve the issue and has few plans in the list to do something about it. Several preventive measures have been announced in the past, for their upcoming versions of MIUI.

Now, we’re trying to learn more about the steps which they are trying to take. Xiaomi has started with testing a new feature called “Ad Switch”, which will let the users to opt-out from seeing all system ads with a single toggle. This feature is reported to be in the development stage, the stage for now, which roll hopefully roll via soon via a stable update.

The CEO of the company, Lei Jun has stated that MIUI will cut down all its ads including the vulgar ones too. With this, Xiaomi’s MIUI Experience Chief has revealed in a Weibo post, that the brand has initiated with a testing a feature, which will let users opt-out of seeing ads in MIUI. According to the information gathered till now, it is likely beloved that the feature has been implemented in the form of a switch, that can be used to enable or disable ads, though the mentioning of ‘compatible phones’ gives the idea,  that might this feature comes to certain limited phones.

Xiaomi has also started testing the lighter version of its in-house Web browser, which focuses in offering a simple interface to the users and it won’t overwhelm the users with a flood of information. Though, it will be very interesting to see how Xiaomi copes with users opting out of seeing ads. Keeping own brand in mind, Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi India MD,  proclaim is in Gadgets 360 that ads are an integral part of the company’s revenue stream.

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